Genetic variation in stress response protein FKBP5 is associated with adult psychopathology, but little is known about its role in children's mental health. 5 polymorphisms were genotyped in 170 high aggression cases and 170 age- and sex-matched controls. The rs9470080 polymorphism was associated with physiological anxiety, while rs4713916 polymorphism interacted with maltreatment to influence externalizing traits. These results suggest that genetic variation in FKBP5 has a role in children's vulnerability to stress-related behaviours.

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Keywords Child aggression, Gene-environment interaction, HPA axis
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Journal Psychiatry Research
Bryushkova, L, Zai, C.C, Chen, S, Pappa, M, Mileva, V, Tiemeier, H.W, … Beitchman, J.H. (2016). FKBP5 interacts with maltreatment in children with extreme, pervasive, and persistent aggression. Psychiatry Research, 242, 277–280. doi:10.1016/j.psychres.2015.09.052