Background: Maternal fatty acid status during pregnancy might influence foetal immunological development and subsequently the risk of childhood atopic diseases.
Objective: To examine the associations of maternal fatty acid levels during pregnancy with airway resistance and inflammation, asthma and eczema, in school-age children.
Methods: This study among 4976 subjects was embedded in a population-based prospective cohort study. We measured maternal plasma glycerophospholipid fatty acid levels by gas chromatography during the second trimester of pregnancy. At the age of 6 years, airway resistance and inflammation were measured by interrupter technique (Rint) and fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), and current physician-diagnosed asthma and eczema were assessed by ISAAC-based questionnaires. Multiple linear and logistic regression models were adjusted for socio-demographic, lifestyle and anthropometric factors.
Results: We did not observe consistent associations of maternal total polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), total n-6 PUFA, total n-3 PUFA levels and n-6/n-3 PUFA ratio during pregnancy with child's Rint and FeNO. Higher maternal total PUFA and total n-6 PUFA levels were associated with a decreased risk of childhood asthma and with an increased risk of childhood eczema. The observed associations were partly explained by Linoleic acid levels. Maternal total n-3 PUFA levels and n-6/n-3 PUFA ratio were not associated with current asthma and eczema. The observed associations were not explained by child's PUFA intake.
Conclusions and Clinical Relevance: Higher maternal total PUFA and total n-6 PUFA levels during pregnancy seem to influence the risk of atopic diseases in childhood. The underlying mechanisms need to be further explored.

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Keywords Asthma, Child, Cohort study, Eczema, Fractional exhaled nitric oxide, Maternal fatty acids, Pregnancy, Rint
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Journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy
Rucci, E, den Dekker, H.T, de Jongste, J.C, Steenweg-de Graaff, J.C.J, Gaillard, R, Pasmans, S.G.M.A, … Duijts, L. (2016). Maternal fatty acid levels during pregnancy, childhood lung function and atopic diseases. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 46(3), 461–471. doi:10.1111/cea.12613