Science and technology parks are investments primarily focused on achievingeconomic and innovation outcomes, but may also serve urban and perception change objectives. Inaugurated in the autumn of 2008, the new science and technology park in Guimarães – AvePark – carries opportunities for regional economic diversification, but brings challenges calling for innovative and integrated policymaking, multi-layered regional governance and proactive management. Will AvePark primarily become an academic centre of excellence and a real estate venture, or will it steer broader regional objectives of economic diversification and image change?

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Keywords Innovation, Regional development, Science parks
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Journal Urban Research and Practice
Carvalho, L. (2009). Four challenges for a new science and technology park: Avepark in guimarães, Portugal. Urban Research and Practice, 2(1), 103–108. doi:10.1080/17535060902727090