The Slovenian B2B digital signage startup OOSM decides to enter Western Europe because the home market is too small. However, OOSM only has a founding team from Slovenia, a technical team from Pakistan, and the product is made in China. This combination does not look favorable to potential clients or investors. How can OOSM overcome this problem?

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Keywords OOSM, Peter Bruner, Slovenia, start-up, cultural differences, gaining credibility, digital signage, high tech, Eastern Europe, start-up accelerators, Startup Bootcamp, Amsterdam, entrepreneurship, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
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Series RSM Case Development Centre
Note based on field research; 16 pages
Hulsink, W, Steiger, M., Ngoc, T. T., van Turnhout, B., & Wenfei, W. (2016). OOSM: Stay Home or Go Abroad?. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from

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