We screened squirrels in Germany and the Netherlands for the novel zoonotic variegated squirrel bornavirus 1 (VSBV-1). The detection of VSBV-1 in 11 squirrels indicates a considerable risk for transmission to humans handling those animals. Therefore, squirrels in contact with humans should routinely be tested for VSBV-1.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.3201/eid2303.161061, hdl.handle.net/1765/98093
Journal Emerging Infectious Diseases - (Open Access)
Schlottau, K. (Kore), Jenckel, M. (Maria), van den Brand, J.M.A, Fast, C. (Christine), Herden, C, Höper, D. (Dirk), … Hoffmann, B. (Bernd). (2017). Variegated squirrel bornavirus 1 in squirrels, Germany and the Netherlands. Emerging Infectious Diseases - (Open Access), 23(3), 477–481. doi:10.3201/eid2303.161061