The majority of the current systems spread across the world require the value of pharmaceuticals to be demonstrated with an acceptable degree of certainty before a technology is funded. Often involving the notion of cost-effectiveness, one of the key characteristics of such assessments tends to be the consideration of efficiency as a static outcome; with a strong emphasis on current health gains but a disregard for the impact of decision making on the potential health value over time. In this article, we argue that current systems using cost-effectiveness thresholds may provide an incomplete indicator of value. We defend the idea that funding decisions should also be informed by dynamic efficiency considerations and reflect both the current and the future value of achieving a certain level of effectiveness in a specific disease area. We further lay down the foundations for the implementation of such a value assessment framework.

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Keywords cost-effectiveness, pharmaceutical innovation, dynamic efficiency, value framework
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Journal Value in Health
Refoios Camejo, R, Miraldo, M, & Rutten, F.F.H. (2017). Cost-Effectiveness and Dynamic Efficiency: Does the Solution Lie Within?. Value in Health, 20(2), 240–243. doi:10.1016/j.jval.2016.12.004