Given concerns about the reproducibility of scientific findings, neuroimaging must define best practices for data analysis, results reporting, and algorithm and data sharing to promote transparency, reliability and collaboration. We describe insights from developing a set of recommendations on behalf of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping and identify barriers that impede these practices, including how the discipline must change to fully exploit the potential of the world's neuroimaging data.

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Journal Nature Neuroscience
Nichols, T.E, Das, S. (Samir), Eickhoff, S.B. (Simon B.), Evans, A.C. (Alan C.), Glatard, T. (Tristan), Hanke, M. (Michael), … Yeo, B.T.T. (B. T. Thomas). (2017). Best practices in data analysis and sharing in neuroimaging using MRI. Nature Neuroscience (Vol. 20, pp. 299–303). doi:10.1038/nn.4500