The first edition of the European Leuke-miaNet (ELN) recommendations for diagnosis and management of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in adults, published in 2010, has found broad acceptance by physicians and investigators caring for patients with AML. Recent advances, for example, in the discovery of the genomic landscape of the disease, in the development of assays for genetic testing and for detecting minimal residual disease (MRD), as well as in the development of novel antileukemic agents, prompted an international panel to provide updated evidence- and expert opinion-based recommendations. The recommendations include a revised version of the ELN genetic categories, a proposal for a response category based on MRD status, and criteria for progressive disease.

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Journal Blood
Döhner, H, Estey, E.H, Grimwade, D, Amadori, S, Appelbaum, F.R, Büchner, T, … Bloomfield, C.D. (2017). Diagnosis and management of AML in adults: 2017 ELN recommendations from an international expert panel. Blood (Vol. 129, pp. 424–447). doi:10.1182/blood-2016-08-733196