The research underlying this thesis aimed to bridge the gap between clinical studies and daily practice, by providing insight into the real-world use, tolerability and effectiveness of the various systemic treatment options among unselected colorectal cancer patients.

The main objectives of the studies described in this thesis were:
• To provide insight in the everyday use and tolerability of adjuvant chemotherapy regimens and its impact on the palliative systemic treatment of metastases in patients with colon cancer (part I).
• To assess the daily-based use and impact of age on the palliative systemic treatment of patients with metachronous metastases from primary resected colorectal cancer (part II).
• To evaluate the role of currently available treatment options in colorectal cancer patients with peritoneal metastases (part III).

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Keywords Myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, hematopoeietic stem cells
Promotor V.E.P.P. Lemmens (Valery) , G.J.M. Creemers (Geert-Jan) , I.H.J.T. de Hingh (Ignace)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-94-6299-528-4
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Razenberg, L.G.E.M. (2017, April 21). Systemic Treatment for Advanced Colorectal cancer : Bridging the gap between clinical studies and daily practice. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from