This narrative aims to identify a number of challenges for the future of (green) criminology. It discusses what: the three traditional criminological questions about criminalization, etiology and the social reaction imply in a 'green' context. For each of those topics, we analyse where the goals of green and mainstream criminology align and pay attention to research projects on these topics in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the end, this allows us to identify the following challenges for the future of (green) criminology: theoretical foundations, methodological creativity, interdisciplinary research projects and dialogue, and a research focus that goes beyond a preoccupation with the Global North.

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Journal Tijdschift voor Criminologie
Bisschop, L.C.J. (2016). Uitdagingen voor de toekomst van de (groene) criminologie. Tijdschift voor Criminologie, 58(3), 87–98. doi:10.5553/TvC/0165182X2016058003006