An Online First version of this article was made available online at on 25 February 2017.
An omission was subsequently identified in the article, and the following correction should be noted: In Page 6, Acknowledgements: The following text should be included: ‘‘Janelle Vaughns, Elaine Williams and Johannes van den Anker were supported by an NIH Grant (5T32HD087969) to conduct this study.’’

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Journal Paediatric Drugs
Vaughns, J.D, Ziesenitz, V.C, Williams, E.F, Mushtaq, A, Bachmann, R, Skopp, G, … van den Anker, J.N. (2017). Erratum to: Use of Fentanyl in Adolescents with Clinically Severe Obesity Undergoing Bariatric Surgery: A Pilot Study. Paediatric Drugs, 19(3). doi:10.1007/s40272-017-0220-x