This study compares health-risk behaviours (including the co-occurrence of health-risk behaviours) of residents in the deprived neighbourhoods with those of the general population of Denmark. It also examines associations between sociodemographic and socioeconomic characteristics and health-risk behaviours in deprived neighbourhoods in Denmark. Even after adjustment for socioeconomic characteristics there were large differences in health-risk behaviours between residents in deprived neighbourhoods and the general population. In the deprived neighbourhoods large sociodemographic and socioeconomic differences in health-risk behaviours were found among the residents. Our findings highlight the need for health promotion programmes targeting residents in deprived neighbourhoods.

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Keywords Health behavior, Health surveys, Neighborhood deprivation, Risk factors, Socioeconomic status
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Journal Health & Place
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Algren, M.H, Ekholm, O, van Lenthe, F.J, Mackenbach, J.P, Bak, C.K, & Andersen, P.T. (2017). Health-risk behaviour among residents in deprived neighbourhoods compared with those of the general population in Denmark. Health & Place, 45, 189–198. doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2017.03.014