In this thesis, we addressed the association between medication use and fall incidents, and their potential underlying pathways. Thereby, we examined the role of genetic variants, homocysteine and bone mineral density. The following objectives were addressed:
Objective 1: Which medication is associated with fall risk in the B-PROOF study populations?
Objective 2: Are there genetic variants that modify the association between medication use and fall risk?
Objective 3: Is medication use associated with homocysteine levels?
Objective 4: Is use of SSRIs associated with BMD and change in BMD over time?

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A.G. Uitterlinden (André) , B.H.Ch. Stricker (Bruno) , N. van der Velde (Nathalie)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Printing of this thesis was kindly supported by Nederlands Bijwerkingen Fonds and ChipSoft.
Department of Internal Medicine

Ham, A. (2017, June 7). Medication Use, Falls and Genetic Variants in an Older Population. Retrieved from