This thesis presents a novel anatomy mapping tool named Computer Assisted Surgical Anatomy Mapping (CASAM). It allows researchers to map complex anatomy of multiple specimens and compare their location and course. Renditions such as safe zones or danger zones can be visualized, summarizing complex anatomy into comprehensive images, making anatomy research more Accessible.
The web-based version of CASAM is used for Personalized Teaching, giving individual feedback on incision lines drawn during surgical courses. It also provides a platform for future International Collaboration between anatomical wetlabs, standardizing anatomy research.
The current algorithms used in CASAM are verified and also ready to map complex 3D Anatomy. Future iterations of CASAM will extend its use to everyday surgical practice and tailor-made surgery.

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G.J. Kleinrensink (Gert Jan) , E.T. Walbeehm (Erik) , D. den Hartog (Dennis)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Neuroscience

Kerver, A. (2017, September 12). Computer assisted surgical anatomy mapping : applications in surgical anatomy research, tailor-made surgery and presonalized teaching. Retrieved from

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