The relationship between the General Factor of Personality (GFP) and several work-related outcomes such as job performance and organizational citizenship behavior was examined using meta-analytic data. Confirmatory factor analyses showed sizeable relationships between the GFP and various performance indicators (r =.34), larger than for any of the Big Five dimensions. Controlling for social desirability did not change the relationship between the GFP and job performance. Moreover, regression analyses showed that the GFP accounted for a larger part of the explained variance in the outcome measures than the unique variances of the Big Five. The results add to the evidence for the GFP as a social effectiveness factor and highlight the validity of the GFP in organizational contexts.,
International Journal of Selection and Assessment
Department of Psychology

Pelt, D., van der Linden, D., Dunkel, C., & Born, M. (2017). The general factor of personality and job performance: Revisiting previous meta-analyses. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 25(4), 333–346. doi:10.1111/ijsa.12188