This study focused on the context in which entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) takes place. We investigated entrepreneurs’ inspiration, which refers to a specific type of motivation that allows the transformation of creative ideas into creative products. To explain this, we operationalised ‘passion for work’, which measures how passionately engaged entrepreneurs are with their work, as well as ‘localised passion’, which measures the passion others in one’s proximity have for their work. Ten locations throughout the Netherlands composed of creative entrepreneurs made up the setting of this study. Our results show that localised passion has two components (passion atmosphere and passion in others), which have a positive effect on inspiration. Moreover, there is a mediating role of passion for work in this relationship.

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Creative Industries
Journal of Entrepreneurship
Arts & Culture Studies

Bhansing, P., Hitters, E., & Wijngaarden, Y. (2018). Passion Inspires: Motivations of Creative Entrepreneurs in Creative Business Centres in the Netherlands. Journal of Entrepreneurship, 27(1), 1–24. doi:10.1177/0971355717738589