Cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of mortality worldwide, and includes all diseases of the heart and circulation. Despite improvements in knowledge and treatment options over the last decades, it remains one of the leading causes of disability and death. The underlying mechanisms vary depending on the disease in question. Some of these risk factors can be avoided, controlled, treated or modified such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. While others, such as family history and gender, cannot be avoided and their emphasis lies on monitoring and treatment. In this thesis, the role of DNA damage, atherosclerosis and the renin angiotensin system, factors that modulate cardiovascular damage and disease, are investigated and discussed. Additionally, the effect of nutritional and therapeutic interventions is explored.

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Keywords Cardiovascular Disease, Biomedical Science, Imaging
Promotor R. Kanaar (Roland) , A.H.J. Danser (Jan) , J. Essers (Jeroen) , I. van der Pluijm (Ingrid)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-94-92683-56-4
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van Thiel, B.S. (2017, July 4). Multimodality ImAging of Cardiovascular Dysfunction : risk factors, diagnostics and treatment options. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from