This study analyses transformative politics in the context of local environmental struggles. It advances an understanding of local environmental struggles as a space that contains possibilities for the transformation of the political subjectivities of the social actors that participate in them, and sets out to examine the factors and processes that facilitate or hinder such transformation. The analysis is conducted through a comparison of two local struggles around large-scale mining developments, respectively in the Intag valley of Ecuador and the Mount Ida region of Turkey, which differ with respect to how transformative they have been.

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Keywords Environmental struggle, mining conflict, Ecuador, Turkey
Promotor S.M. Borras jr. (Saturnino) , M. Arsel (Murat)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-90-6490-088-4
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Series ISS PhD Theses
Avci, D. (2018, October 9). Transformative Politics in Environmental Struggles : A Comparative Analysis of the Mining Conflicts in Intag, Ecuador and Mount Ida, Turkey. ISS PhD Theses. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from