The aim of this thesis was to provide insight in current prosthetic heart valve selection and outcomes in non-elderly adults and to introduce a tool to support shared decision making in this setting.
Firstly, clinical and quality of life outcomes after aortic valve replacement in non-elderly adults will be discussed in the context of 21st century cardiovascular practice.
Secondly, patient and physician attitudes toward shared decision making will be addressed. Thirdly, lessons learned from testing the efficacy of a decision aid for prosthetic heart valve replacement in a randomized controlled trial setting will be presented and the challenges with regard to implementation of the decision aid will be discussed.

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Keywords Shared decision making, aortic valve replacement
Promotor J.J.M. Takkenberg (Hanneke) , A.J.J.C. Bogers (Ad)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The research described in this thesis was supported by a grant of the Dutch Heart Foundation (2013T093)
ISBN 978-94-6380-142-3
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Korteland, N.M. (2018, December 18). Optimal clinical decision making in prosthetic aortic valve selection. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from