The main focus of this thesis is to investigate whether the modification of NA treatment may lead to increase in serological response, or the possibility of NA treatment cessation while maintaining response.
This thesis is divided in three parts:
In part I, we aimed to improve the serological response in patients treated with NA by the addition of peg‐interferon treatment.
In part II, we investigated the sustainability of response after withdrawal of NA treatment, and aimed to identify predictors which select patients with high chance of sustained off‐treatment response.
In part III, we investigated the effects of and the adherence to long‐term NA treatment.

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Promotor H.L.A. Janssen (Harry) , R.A. de Man (Robert) , B.E. Hansen (Bettina)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978‐94‐6375‐300‐5
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Chi, H. (2019, February 27). Modification of Nucleos(t)ide analogue treatment in Chronic Hepatitis B. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from

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