The aim of this thesis was to examine the relationship of parental- and child behaviors with the development of adiposity and cardiometabolic health in children, and to provide more insight in the direction of the associations by using data of prospective population-based studies in high-income populations. Most studies described in this thesis were embedded in The Generation R Study, a prospective population-based cohort study situated in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Keywords childhood obesity, behavior, eating behaviors, appetite, sleep, feeding practices, body composition, adiposity, cardiometabolic health, epidemiology
Promotor H.W. Tiemeier (Henning) , P.W. Jansen (Pauline)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The research described in this thesis was financially supported by the Dutch Diabetes Foundation, grant number 2013.81.1664.
ISBN 978-94-6361-311-8
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Derks, I.P.M. (2019, September 24). Behavioral Determinants and Consequences of Childhood Adiposity: Epidemiological studies in high-income populations. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from