A judgment-analysis study was used to investigate assessors’ judgment processes, evaluating ethnic minority vs ethnic majority applicants. Sixteen ethnic majority assessors judged 5089 applicants during the Dutch police officer selection procedure, with each assessor judging 30 ethnic minority applicants minimally. Information from an employment interview, an assessment center, and a Big Five personality test were combined into a final selection advice. Results showed that as much as or more information sources were used to judge ethnic minority than ethnic majority applicants. Furthermore, a larger number of irrelevant cues were used for the judgment of ethnic minority applicants. Finally, when judging ethnic minority applicants, assessors based their decision to a lesser extent on their own ratings than on ratings of others.

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International Journal of Selection and Assessment
Department of Psychology

de Meijer, L., Born, M., van Zielst, J., & van der Molen, H. (2007). Analyzing judgments of ethnically diverse applicants during personnel selection: A study at the Dutch police. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 139–152. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/12108