OBJECTIVES: Studies evaluating efficacy or safety of standardized parenteral nutrition (PN) versus individualized PN are lacking. We aimed to assess effects on growth and safety of standardized PN compared with individualized PN in our Home PN group. METHODS: Descriptive cohort study in Dutch children on Home PN, in which standardized PN was compared with individualized PN. Both groups received similar micronutrient-supplementation. Primary outcome was growth over 2 years, secondary outcomes were electrolyte disturbances and biochemical abnormalities. Additionally, patients were matched for age to control for potential confounding characteristics. RESULTS: Fifty patients (50% girls, median age 6.5 years) were included, 16 (32%) received standardized PN mixtures. Age (11 vs 5 years), gestational age (39.2 vs 36.2 weeks) and PN duration (97 vs 39 months) were significantly higher in the group receiving standardized PN (P: ≤0.001; 0.027; 0.013 respectively). The standardized PN group showed an increase in weight-for-age (WFA), compared with a decrease in the individualized PN group (+0.38 SD vs -0.55 SD, P: 0.003). Electrolyte disturbances and biochemical abnormalities did not differ. After matching for age, resulting in comparable groups, no significant differences were demonstrated in WFA, height-for-age, or weight-for-height SD change. CONCLUSIONS: In children with chronic IF, over 2,5 years of age, standardized PN mixtures show a comparable effect on weight, height, and weight for height when compared with individualized PN mixtures. Also, standardized PN mixtures (with added micronutrients) seem noninferior to individualized PN mixtures in terms of electrolyte disturbances and basic biochemical abnormalities. Larger studies are needed to confirm these conclusions. TRIAL REGISTRATION: Academical Medical Center medical ethics committee number W18_079 #18.103.

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Keywords electrolytes, growth, home parenteral nutrition, pediatric intestinal failure, standardized mixtures
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1097/MPG.0000000000002528, hdl.handle.net/1765/124129
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Journal Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
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Nagelkerke, S.C.J. (Sjoerd C J), Jonkers-Schuitema, C, Kastelijn, W.L.M. (Wendy L M), Gerards, A.-L.E. (Anne-Loes E), Benninga, M.A, de Koning, B.A.E, & Tabbers, M.M. (2020). Standardized and Individualized Parenteral Nutrition Mixtures in a Pediatric Home Parenteral Nutrition Population. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 70(2), 269–274. doi:10.1097/MPG.0000000000002528