In this article, we study spillovers in political trust between the national parliaments of 15 Member States and the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Central Bank in the period 2000–2015. We show that in most instances spillovers between the national parliaments and the European Commission and the European Parliament are bidirectional, asymmetric, and change over time and place. A corollary of these findings is that simultaneously achieving high level of trust in institutions at different levels of governance may require a deeper understanding of the complex inter-institutional relationships that exist in the EU multilevel governance setting.

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Keywords Commission, European Parliament, institutional trust, trust spillovers
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Journal European Union Politics
Dominioni, G, Quintavalla, A. (Alberto), & Romano, A. (2020). Trust spillovers among national and European institutions. European Union Politics. doi:10.1177/1465116519897835