MAXIMSA collection for work Maxims are very useful for ethics at work because they tell us briefly what ethics is and what we should do at work. This book presents a collection of 255 maxims about ethics at work. Each maxim comes with an explanation and a picture, thus increasing the maxim’s power.The maxims are sources of inspiration for reflection and application. The author, Muel Kaptein, conceived and examined these maxims during his career as a consultant, auditor and scientist since 1991. Muel is a professor in business ethics at the RSM Erasmus University and a partner at KPMG Integrity & Compliance. Muel is also the author of the following books: Ethics Management (1998), The Balanced Company (2002), The Six Principles for Managing with Integrity (2005), The Living Code (2008),Workplace Morality (2013), The Servant of the People (2014), and Ethicisms and their Risks (2018).