Objectives: The clinical applicability of magnetic resonance image−guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MR-HIFU) treatment of uterine fibroids is often limited due to inaccessible fibroids or bowel interference. The aim of this study was to implement a newly developed 3-step modified manipulation protocol and to evaluate its influence on the number of eligible women and treatment failure rate.
Methods: From June 2016 to June 2018, 165 women underwent a screening MRI examination, 67 women of whom were consecutively treated with MR-HIFU at our institution. Group 1 (n = 20) was treated with the BRB manipulation protocol which consisted of sequential applications of urinary bladder filling, rectal filling, and urinary bladder emptying. Group 2 (n = 47) was treated using the 3-step modified manipulation protocol which included (1) the BRB maneuver with adjusted rectal filling by adding psyllium fibers to the solution; (2) Trendelenburg position combined with bowel massage; (3) the manual uterine manipulation (MUM) method for uterine repositioning. A comparison was made between the two manipulation protocols to evaluate differences in safety, the eligibility percentage, and treatment failure rate due to unsuccessful manipulation.
Results: After implementing the 3-step modified manipulation protocol, our ineligibility rate due to bowel interference or inaccessible fibroids decreased from 18% (16/88) to 0% (0/77). Our treatment failure rate due to unsuccessful manipulation decreased from 20% (4/20) to 2% (1/47). There were no thermal complications to the bowel or uterus.
Conclusions: Implementation of the 3-step modified manipulation protocol during MR-HIFU therapy of uterine fibroids improved the eligibility percentage and reduced the treatment failure rate.

High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation, MR-guided interventional procedures, Patient selection, Uterine fibroids
dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00330-020-06780-2, hdl.handle.net/1765/125620
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European Radiology: journal of the European Congress of Radiology
corresponding author at Isala Hospital Zwolle
Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Verpalen, I.M, van ‘t Veer-ten Kate, M. (Miranda), de Boer, E, van den Hoed, R.D, Schutte, J.M, Dijkstra, J.R, … Boomsma, M.F. (2020). Development and clinical evaluation of a 3-step modified manipulation protocol for MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound of uterine fibroids. European Radiology: journal of the European Congress of Radiology. doi:10.1007/s00330-020-06780-2