The aim of this study was to assess measurement invariance of adolescents’ daily reports on identity across time and sex. Adolescents (N 497; mean age 13.32 years at Time 1, 56.7% boys) from the general population reported on their identity commitments, exploration in depth and reconsideration on a daily basis for 3 weeks within 1 year across 5 years. We used the single-item version of the Utrecht Management of Identity Commitments Scale (UMICS; Klimstra et al., 2010), a broad measure of identity-formation processes covering both interpersonal and educational identity domains. This study tested configural, metric, scalar, and strict measurement invariance across days within weeks, across sex, across weeks within years, and across years. Results indicated that daily diary reports show strict measurement invariance across days, across weeks within years, across years, and across boys and girls. These results support the use of daily diary methods to assess identity at various time intervals ranging from days to years and across sex. Results are discussed with regard to future implications to study identity processes, both on smaller and larger time intervals.

measurement invariance, daily diary reports, identity, adolescence,
Psychological Assessment

Becht, A.I, Branje, S.J.T., Vollebergh, W.A.M., Maciejewski, D.F., van Lier, P.A.C, Koot, J.M, … Meeus, W.H.J. (2016). Assessment of identity during adolescence using daily diary methods: Measurement invariance across time and sex. Psychological Assessment, 28(28), 660–672. doi:10.1037/pas0000204