This is the second report concerning transaction management in the database environment. In the first report the role of the transaction manager in protecting the integrity of a database has been studied [van der Made-Potuijt 1989]. In this report a model will be given for the transaction manager as a parallel decision process. To that purpose a modelling method for parallel behaviour, Paradigm, will be introduced. This method uses parallel decision processes for modelling parallel phenomena. Not all the notions of Paradigm will be discussed, a more extensive explanation can be found in Groenewegen [1986-1990]. After this short introduction to Paradigm, the method will be applied to a simple transaction manager. In future research more complex transaction managers will be modelled.

Erasmus School of Economics

van der Made-Potuijt, S. C. (1990). Modelling a transaction manager using parallel decision processes. Retrieved from