The basis for assessment center dimension ratings has been examined through the lens of various multitrait-multimethod approaches, with some researchers concluding that dimension ratings are not representative of meaningful constructs. This presents a serious challenge for those who would generalize predictor constructs, particularly those that are broadly articulated in management assessment center dimensions. This paper addresses the problems with applying such analyses to assessment center dimension ratings without first articulating expected construct relationships. Ackerman and Humphreys' analysis of constructs will be used to better frame assessment center dimensions and to articulate possible assessor constructs in use. Theories of performance held by the managers, who serve both as subject matter experts when dimensional constructs are initially defined, and as the assessors who impose these dimensions on assessees' behavior in assessment center ratings, are suggested as important bases for further construct validation. Approaches for generalization of assessor constructs in use to the managerial work domain will be discussed.,
International Journal of Selection and Assessment
Department of Psychology

Jones, R., & Born, M. (2008). Assessor constructs in use as the missing component in validation of assessment center dimensions: A critique and directions for research. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 16(3), 229–238. doi:10.1111/j.1468-2389.2008.00429.x