[Engelse samenvatting van Nederlandstalig artikel; summary in English of article in Dutch] An exploratory analysis of commercials and advertisements for foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages reveals an obsession with product authenticity in contemporary consumer culture. Rooted in the Romantic heritage and its upsurge in the countercultural 1960s, articulations of product authenticity serve to disconnect products from suspicions of rationalized mass production by emphasizing how ‘naturally pure’, ‘historically rooted’ and ‘geographically embedded’ they actually are. There are however also instances where these Romantic-nostalgic articulations of product authenticity are actively deconstructed and unmasked as consumer manipulation, sometimes even in one and the same commercial. By way of conclusion, we discuss the wider social and theoretical implications of Romantic-nostalgic longings for product authenticity and their deconstruction in contemporary consumer culture.

authenticiteit, consumptie, consumptiecultuur, nostalgie, reclame, romantiek, tegencultuur, televisiecommercials, voeding
Centre for Rotterdam Cultural Sociology (CROCUS)
Accepted Manuscript
Department of Sociology

Houtman, D, Aupers, S.D, & Hüzeir, V. (2010). Yogho!Yogho!, bereid uit natuurlijke ingrediënten volgens eeuwenoude familietraditie?. Sociologie, 1–29. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/20686