The article provides an overview of research on marketing management and its relationship to a corporation's stock price, the subject of the articles published in this issue. Although the aim of marketing, like any corporate action, is ultimately to increase the company's market value, it has traditionally been thought to be a contribution which takes time, as successful marketing increases revenues through attracting and retaining customers. Areas of research considered in this issue and elsewhere are discussed, including whether relations with investors are governed by the same principles as customer relations, and the tension between marketing techniques such as market segmentation, which assume discrepancies in markets, and finance's efficient market hypothesis.

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Hanssens, D.M, Rust, R.T, & Srivastava, R.K. (2009). Marketing Strategy and Wall Street: Nailing Down Marketing's Impact. Journal of Marketing, 73(6), 115–118. doi:10.1509/jmkg.73.6.115