A review of local land management experiences in West Africa reveals that the resolution of conflicts over the uses of resources between herders and farmers depends on factors like land and water rights, promotion of the interests of pastoral groups and the Intervention of traditional and modern institutions in conflict resolution. This paper on local land management in Benin with special reference to pastoral groups presents some fmdings in Kemon and Kokey villages. In both villages, land is still under common law to varying degrees despite modern law No 65- 25 of 14* August entitled 'Régime de la propriété foncière'. Crop damage by cattle in areas where agriculture has become more widespread and the blocking of cattle routes are identified as the major causes of conflict between herders and farmers. Resolution of this tension calls for the intervention of local organisations. Conflicts are settled either through amicable settlement or compensation but unfortunately it is the herder in many cases who is still blamed for erop damage.

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de Haan, L., & Djedjebi, T. (2000). Local land management in Benin with special reference to pastoral groups. In ISS Staff Group 0. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/22968