Nowadays there is an increasing tendency of visualizing data in favor of tables. An important advantage is that results can be derived more easily and interpretation is more direct. For example, the correlations of returns of stock market indices can be mapped by multidimensional scaling, separating closely related markets from less related markets. In this inaugural address, dynamic visualization is added as a new element to such maps. We discuss applications of this idea in interactively constructing a map, modeling changing correlations over time of stock exchanges by dynamic maps, and interactive construction of a map of the Dutch political parties. Combining visualization with interaction and dynamics provides an easier way to gain insight in complex data than using static visualization.

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ERIM Inaugural Address Series Research in Management
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Groenen, P. (2003, March 31). Dynamische Meerdimensionele Schaling: Statistiek op de Kaart. ERIM Inaugural Address Series Research in Management. Retrieved from