We develop and test an incentive-compatible Conjoint Poker (CP) game. The preference data collected in the context of this game are comparable to incentive-compatible choice-based conjoint (CBC) analysis data. We develop a statistical efficiency measure and an algorithm to construct efficient CP designs. We compare incentive-compatible CP to incentive-compatible CBC in a series of three experiments (one online study and two eye-tracking studies). Our results suggest that CP induces respondents to consider more of the profile-related information presented to them compared with CBC.

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Keywords conjoin, experimental economics, measurement and inference
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1287/mksc.1110.0672, hdl.handle.net/1765/31358
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Journal Marketing Science: the marketing journal of INFORMS
Toubia, O, de Jong, M.G, Stieger, D, & Fuller, J.H. (2012). Measuring Consumer Preferences Using Conjoint Poker. Marketing Science: the marketing journal of INFORMS, 31(1), 138–156. doi:10.1287/mksc.1110.0672