In this thesis an attempt is made to evaluate the wel!- being of the rheumatic patients in relationship to their state of health. In chapter I the aims of the study are worked out. In order to elucidate the subjeelive and objective aspects ofwel!- being, a questionnaire was developed comprising a vast number of items to be investigated. This questionnaire was handed to a series of urban and rural chronic rheumatic patients, as wel! as to age and sex matebed rural controls. All groups consisled of about 100 respondents. The urban part of the study was performed in the city of Enschede, the rural part in the surrounding countryside of the so called Achterhoek and Twente. The literature a bout the subject of this thesis is summarized in chapter II. It appears that for rheumatic patients hardly any study has been performed regarding the social consequences of their disease. Only in England a comparable study was performed by Buchanan and Chamberlain. An abundance of literature is available on clinical, epidemiological and psychological aspectsof rheumatoid arthritis. The relevanee of this literature for our investigation is mentioned as wel! as some figures on prevalence, incidence and outcome of rheumatic diseases. In chapter Hl the materials and methods of the investigation are reported, as wel! as some possible influences on the replies to the questionnaire. The results of the study are described in chapter IV.

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H.A. Valkenburg (Hans)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Het onderzoek en de aanmaakkosten voor het drukken van dit proefschrift zijn gesubsidieerd door de Nederlandse Vereniging tot Reumatiekbestrijding. De drukkosten werden gedragen door de firma Lederle Benelux.
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Cornelissen, P.G.J. (1984, February 15). Drempelvrees : onderzoek naar de mobiliteit en sociale aspecten van reumatische aandoeningen. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from