This thesis deals with the technology of intravascular ultrasound (US) imaging systems, and in particular with systems applying mechanical scanning, In these systems an ultrasonic beam, originating from a catheter-tip, is rotated by mechanical means. in order to produce an ultrasonic scan of the surrounding of the catheter-tip, Being positioned in a blood-vessel, a cross-sectional echo-image of the vessel can be displayed, showing e,g, an obstruction,

atherosclerosis obliterans, catheters, diagnostics, intravascular ultrasound imaging
N. Bom (Klaas) , C.J. Snijders (Chris)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Financial support by the Netherlands Heart Foundation (NHS) and the Technology Foundation of the Netherlands (STW) for the publication of this thesis is gratefully acknowledged.
The full text file is not complete. The missing pages (149-180) are available as a separate PDF file: 39136_pp_149_180.pdf
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

ten Hoff, H. (1993, June 22). Scanning mechanisms for intravascular ultrasound imaging : a flexible approach. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from