Mahbub ul Haq's work to coordinate, establish and propagate the human development approach offers an example of effective leadership in promoting more ethical socio-economic development. This article reviews Pioneering the Human Development Revolution-An Intellectual Biography of Mahbub ul Haq (edited by Haq and Ponzio), and extends themes from the United Nations Intellectual History Project to examine Haq's contributions in terms of four aspects of leadership: articulating and applying values that combine depth with broad appeal; providing a fruitful and vivid way of seeing, a 'vision', that reflects the values; embodying the values and vision in workable practical proposals; and supporting and communicating the previous aspects through wide and relevant networks. It suggests that the human development approach may need to update its values and vision, including through better integration of human security thinking, if it is to retain the leadership role it acquired thanks to Haq.

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ISS Staff Group 2: States, Societies and World Development
Journal of Human Development and Capabilities
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Gasper, D. (2011). Pioneering the human development revolution: Analysing the trajectory of Mahbub ul Haq. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities (Vol. 12, pp. 433–456). doi:10.1080/19452829.2011.576660