The research conducted by the FGV about international cooperation and the architecture of funding for Brazilian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) (CEAPG & ARTICULAÇÃO D3, 2013) generated significant results. These provide us with a better understanding about the national and global changes that have rapidly affected the development of civil society organizations in Brazil. The results broadly confirm the findings of research conducted a few years ago into changes, over past decades, in the direction of nongovernment aid flows within Latin America (BIEKART, 2005). We should note that, compared to its neighbouring countries, since the 1980s, Brazil has been recognized as the country that receives the most funding from all the private European aid agencies, followed (at some distance), by Peru (and, after 2002, by Bolivia). This finding serves to support the belief that the current retraction of international non-government aid flows to Brazil is actually a relatively recent phenomenon.
This chapter intends to comment on the results of research about “international cooperation”, primarily by providing a brief overview of the changing international context within which such results should be analysed. For a better understanding of the global context, we will identify a series of current trends in debates about global policy and international cooperation. These developments also have implications for international donor NGOs, which we will discuss in the second part of the chapter. The third section explores the implications for Brazilian civil society organizations and considers how this so-called “retraction” affects future prospects. Finally, we present some suggestions about the potential future challenges for Brazilian civil society organizations within their current context.

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Biekart, K. (2014). New challenges for Brazilian civil society actors within the changing context of international cooperation. In The Institutional Architecture of Support to Civil Society Organizations in Brazil / Patricia M. E. Mendonça, Mario Aquino Alves, Fernando do A. Nogueira, organized by. São Paulo: FGV, 2014. (pp. 80–97). Retrieved from