Research has suggested the importance of applicants' expectations of forthcoming selection procedures in predicting how applicants react to selection procedures. Validated measures of selection expectations are still scarce, however. This study reports on the validation of the Applicant Expectation Survey (AES), intended to measure applicants' expectations of forthcoming selection procedures. The AES was validated using three military applicant samples and showed sound psychometric properties (i.e., reliability, measurement invariance, discriminant validity) for a five-factorial oblique structure consisting of 26 items. The five factors (i.e., Warmth/respect, Chance to demonstrate potential, Difficulty of faking, Unbiased assessment, Feedback) were positively related to several organizational outcome measures and to applicants' perceptions of the selection procedure, providing evidence for the predictive validity of the AES.,
International Journal of Selection and Assessment
Department of Psychology

Schreurs, B, Derous, E, Proost, K, Notelaers, G, & de Witte, K. (2008). Applicant selection expectations: Validating a multidimensional measure in the military. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 16(2), 170–176. doi:10.1111/j.1468-2389.2008.00421.x