Personality integration has been related to individual well-being. The present study focused on the combined influence of personality integration through the personal-striving goal construct, active-passive approach toward achieving one's goals, and inner resources on well-being. Specific attention was given to how this process works out in two culturally different countries: the Netherlands and Spain. Results indicated that goal integration, passive thinking, active thinking, and vitality were higher in the Netherlands compared to Spain. It was also shown that inner resources combined with active thinking to function as a buffer for the possible negative effects on vitality. Results were similar in both countries, a finding that provides an indication for possible cross-cultural generalization of this process. The overall results present active-passive thinking combined with inner resources as an influential factor in the relation between goal integration and well-being.

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Keywords Goals, Motivation, Spirituality, Well-being
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Journal Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
van Dierendonck, D, Rodríguez-Carvajal, R, Moreno-Jiménez, B, & Dijkstra, M.T.M. (2009). Goal integration and well-being: Self-regulation through inner resources in the Netherlands and Spain. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 40(5), 746–760. doi:10.1177/0022022109338622