1. What are the treatment responses and remission outcomes at nine months postpartum using a four-step treatment algorithm in women with first-onset postpartum psychosis?
2. How is the functional recovery process nine months postpartum after admission for a postpartum psychosis?
3. What are the longitudinal outcomes of women after first-onset postpartum psychosis after four years follow-up? Is it possible to identify risk factors for relapse or to find influence of medication use?
4. What are the changes in the immune system in patients with postpartum psychosis compared to healthy women in the postpartum period and healthy women outside of the postpartum period regarding: The inflammatory state of the immune system (monocytes and cytokines) and the numbers of T-cells?

S.A. Kushner (Steven) , H.A. Drexhage (Hemmo) , V. Bergink (Veerle)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Immunology

Burgerhout, K.M. (2016, September 14). Postpartum Psychosis : Treatment, follow-up and immunological parameters. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from