The objective of this thesis is to study methods that help early detection and treatment of neuropathy in order to prevent irreversible nerve function impairment and the resulting disabilities in leprosy patients. Regarding risk factors for leprosy we studied differences in diet and food security between leprosy patients and a control group without leprosy.

The research questions of this thesis are:
1. How can the detection of nerve function impairment in leprosy at field level be improved?
2. How can irreversible nerve function impairment best be prevented in leprosy?
3. Which nutritional factors possibly underlie the development of clinical leprosy?

J.H. Richardus (Jan Hendrik) , J.W. Brandsma (Wim)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The studies presented in this thesis were funded by The American Leprosy Mission, the German Leprosy and TB Relief Association, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief, the Ordre de Malte, and the Turing Foundation.
Department of Public Health

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