This thesis explores the affordances of repackaged popular music from the past. Particularly, how they feature in audiences’ reflections on different stages and transitions in their life course.

Three case studies highlight different modes of repackaging and illustrate how reunited or continuing music acts from the past (e.g. Dutch pop act Doe Maar, or the American boy band Backstreet Boys) still play a role in the life course of their fans. Therewith, this research connects popular music, fans and aging. Furthermore, it demonstrates how mainstream popular music can be meaningful for fans across their life course.

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Keywords Popular music – fandom – aging – low culture – life course - audiences
Promotor M.S.S.E. Janssen (Susanne) , J.M. Engelbert (Jiska)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-90-76665-30-6
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Driessen, S.M.R. (2017, June 29). The Affordances Of Repackaged Popular Music From The Past. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from