This research focuses on the collaborations of the urban lightrail infrastructure, between the Chinese and their African counterparts, in this case Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Light-rail transport, Innovation-adaptation, Pricing-innovation, infrastructural innovation, Frugal-innovation, Multi-actors interactions, Absorptive capacity, Bottom-of-pyramid, Modal-sfift, Sustainable transport, Polycontextualization, Context-specific decision-making, Targeted quality, Delivered quality, Perceived quality, Service quality, Light-rail passengers.
J. Edelenbos (Jurian) , A. Gianoli (Alberto)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Alade, T.A. (2020, May 8). Innovation Adaptation in Urban Light-Rail Transport: Adapting Pricing and Infrastructural Innovations using Frugal Approach in Ethiopia and Nigeria. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from