A very neat illustration of the skilful use of small, manageable, world models to consider pressing policy questions of great current relevance. Ron Smith, The Economic Journal" Jan Tinbergen, in this book as in his earlier work, has the courage to address central issues. Dietrich Fisher, Journal of Economic Literature "...here is an important, thought provoking, but technical work which should achieve at least one of its principal aims, to stimulate further research into the whole topic. K. Jackson, Kyklos This book provides a quantitative foundation for evaluating the conflicting aims of security and equality. Professor Tinbergen presents a number of econometric models which overturn many long-held beliefs about the relationship between military policy and development co-operation. His findings demonstrate that in order to achieve reasonable targets of welfare and security, military expenditure should be considerably reduced with development assistance being increased by amounts of the same order.

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Tinbergen, J. (1990). World Security and Equity. Books (Jan Tinbergen). Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/17561

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